One Day, Inc. welcomes referrals from the Department of Mental Health, Department of Social Services, Probation, Adoption Assistance, and private sources. The referral process is a 3-step procedure consisting of inquiry, evaluation, and interview.


Inquiries into placement may be made to our Director, Shannon Hagen telephone (916) 601-3561, or email:


All referrals are screened and evaluated to determine if the needs of the resident can be appropriately addressed through placement in our agency. If it appears that our program will meet the resident’s needs, a referral packet is requested to gain further insight into their developmental, social, educational, cognitive and psychological functioning. Information should include, if possible, a developmental history, medical history, court reports, placement history, and a history of psychiatric hospitalizations.


If a referral appears appropriate based upon the evaluation, a pre-placement interview is scheduled. This interview is to further assess the needs of the non-minor dependant.